“Green Eggs and Ham”

How is Mathematics used in cooking? People use math knowledge in cooking. It is very common to use a half or double of a recipe and in this case we use proportions to make correct calculations for each ingredient.

 NOT SUCH A LONG time ago, our teacher Natasha decided to read us a Dr. Seuss story entitled “Green Eggs and Ham”. After we read the story, the teacher told us that the next day we would all get a chance to make green eggs and ham at home (and to eat them as well). Everyone was excited and couldn’t wait for the next lesson! She told us how to make them and that we would love the way that they tasted. We’ve decided to share this story with everyone else, because we find that green eggs and ham are extremly delicious!

What You Need?

– A copy of “Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham” story

– 2/3 of cup of chopped spinach

– 4 Eggs

– Thick Slices of Ham (optional)

– Frying Pan

Step 1: Read the story “Green Eggs and Ham” aloud. The story basically gets you wanting to make them after hearing about Dr. Seuss story and how he had them as well.

Step 2: Whisk eggs until fluffy!

Step 3: Get your frying pan hot (put the oil in a cold pan and heat both together!)

Step 4:  Stir the eggs and 2/3 of cup of chopped spinach. Stir them slightly, if you want to make eggs over easy (cooked on both sides for a very short amount of time).

This quick and easy recipe is also perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!

Obviously, you can still make green eggs and ham any day of the week, but making this on St. Patrick’s Day may make the day even that more fun. Hope you try this recipe out soon!

 Have a good time!

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