Our fourth and fifth year, had a class discussion on superheroes and different types of stories and so they decided to write their own fantasy story.


by Anna, Giacomo, Carolina, Livia ed Emanuele

Once upon a time there was a young turtle that was really slow. The next day the turtle saw a scientist and he asked him if he ever had a super velocity potion, the scientist responded “yes! but in my workshop” so the turtle asked if he could see it and maybe try the potion, so the scientist said, “yes let’s go!”. When the turtle arrived, he saw immediately the potion and he asked excitedly “can I try it!?” “of course, but first you need to do me a favor” “tell me! I will do it!” said the turtle excitedly. “Ok, you need to go to the Loch Ness Lake without being eaten by the monster and bring me some gold coral” said the scientist with a smirk on his face. “What!? it is impossible! Oh…Ok,” said the turtle. The next day the turtle started travelling thinking that when he was finished with the mission, he could be superfast, and he could do formula 1 races. After some days he arrived there, and he put his sub suit to go on the lake’s surface to find the gold coral, but he got interrupted by a sheep that was trying to capture him! He immediately jumped into the lake and nervously swam to the surface to search for the coral but heard a sound. Every second the sound started to get nearer and nearer… the monster! He swam back to the seashore but there was the hungry sheep. He started panicking but he remembered the karate lessons from turtle Johnny, and he punched the sheep, and he strangled the monster. Peacefully he started searching for the coral, He found it! The next day he brought the coral to the scientist, “wow! Great… little child! Here is the potion!” “Thanks! It’s my first time being fast, thanks! And he lived fast for the rest of his life. 


by Giulio , Dalila, Giorgia e Giacomo

Once upon a time there was a child coming home from school but to get home he had to go through the cemetery. While he was walking happily, he heard a strange sound and then he saw the gate closing in front of him. Then he started to search for an exit. The ground started to move and from of the tombs came out a zombie and the child started to run and shout. The zombie was following him, and he was scared! Once the child was in front of the closed gate, he had no way to go. The zombie was coming and when he was near the child he started to sing and dance that was Michael-Jackson-zombie! Hearing that music, the child started to dance too. The zombie and the child became friends very quickly. The child decided to bring the zombie to school so he could scare the bully and become the most popular child of all. The Michael-Jackson-zombie became a very rich and famous singer. The 2 friends were rich, famous, popular but most of all best friend and happy.

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